KnowingJack Travis

  KNOWING JACK TRAVIS   Jack Travis is a mental health advocate, an author, a modern day philosopher, and a millennial entrepreneur. He struggled with many life-long mental illnesses as a result of abuse and other traumatic experiences. With his journey he started through social media, his goal is to teach other people how to overcome their struggles and find happiness in life. Jack is working on becoming a motivational speaker, and he wishes to encourage others to join him on his journey because we are truly stronger together. “I spent years living in a dark place with a negative outlook on life in general; I hated myself, and I did not feel worthy or like I mattered to anyone because of how I was treated by most people. It was as if my eyes…

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Recent Books

In Starting Point: Your Journey To A Better Life Starts Here, Jack Travis not only talks about his personal journey with recovering from mental illness, but also invites others to join him on his journey and offers to teach them how to overcome…

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