I’m a Recovering Narcissist…

“I know the title is a bit alarming, but it is a realization I became aware of recently. Although terrified to admit it, I respect you all enough to be open and honest so I can become a better person.” Hey, everyone! I’m back again with yet another philosophical rant! It may be a sensitive … Continue reading “I’m a Recovering Narcissist…”

The Little Tree That Couldn’t Grow

This post is going to start off with a fictional children’s story I have written. A story that has major significance in not only my life but in the lives of many. Read to find out why! There once was a little tree, and this tree lived deep in a beautiful forest. The little tree … Continue reading “The Little Tree That Couldn’t Grow”

The Problem With Unconditional Love

Although this title looks controversial, it comes from a good place. A good place that many may look at as an unfortunate truth. Of course, we do not think highly of those who only love others conditionally when it benefits them whether it’s people who only love their romantic partners when they do certain things … Continue reading “The Problem With Unconditional Love”

The First 18 Years Of Life: The “Critical Years.”

Do you ever see people behave a certain way and you wonder why? Many of us might look at a typical criminal, delinquent, drug addict, or underprivileged person as someone who “chose the wrong path” in life. After all, the law of attraction states that we have absolute control over our lives and can make … Continue reading “The First 18 Years Of Life: The “Critical Years.””

Even Our Heroes Need Heroes: How We Can Save Those Brave Warriors Who’ve Saved Us.

In the United States, many of us take pride in our country with enthusiastic¬†patriotism. We especially feel grateful (and even emotional) for all of the brave men and women who risk their lives and make great sacrifices to fight for our country and protect us from harm’s way. We love our heroes, which is why … Continue reading “Even Our Heroes Need Heroes: How We Can Save Those Brave Warriors Who’ve Saved Us.”

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